Baby Safemount Loading Assembly

Baby Safemount Loading Assembly

The Baby Safemount range of loading assemblies is designed for smaller Silo, vessel and tank weighing applications.

The loading assembly incorporates a fully welded stainless steel load cell. Capacities from 1,000kg to 7,500kg with an ATEX option available for hazardous areas.



1,000kg, 2,000kg, 3,500kg, 5,000kg and 7,500kg.

Plastic coated mild steel or Stainless steel Loading assembly options
Fully welded stainless steel Load Cell
Matched Load Cell output
Double ended shear beam configuration
ATEX Options available for II 1GD & II 3GD applications
5 year limited warranty
Manufactured in the UK

Part No Product
AW303/01000 – AW303/07500 Baby Safemount Plastic coated mild steel loading assembly with Stainless loadcell
AW305/01000 – AW305/07500 Baby Safemount Stainless steel loading assembly with Stainless Loadcell
AW304/01000 – AW304/07500 Loadcell only
AW900/00007 Dummy loadcell for use during installation only
‘X’ & ‘3X’ suffix Category 1 II 1GD & 1 II 3GD options

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