Safemount® II (60,000kg & 80,000kg)

Safemount® II (60,000kg & 80,000kg)

The Safemount II range of loading assemblies is designed for smaller Silo, vessel and tank weighing applications. The loading assembly incorporates a fully welded stainless steel load cell. Capacities of 60,000kg and 80,000kg.

Part No Product
AW318/60000 Stainless cell & plastic coated MS asssembly
AW318s/60000 Stainless cell & Stainless 304 asssembly
AW3xx/60000 Dummy load cell & MS assembly
AW900/00060 Dummy cell – mild steel for installation only
AW317/00004 Pins & clips set
AW304/40000 load cell only (40t)
AW31x/0xx0X ATEX Category 1 II 1GD – see certificate
AW31x/0xx0XD ATEX Category 1 II 3GD – see certificate

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