The Teleonix2 telemetry system enables silo or vessel weight contents to be viewed via the internet.
The system logs weight reading and displays them graphically on a password protected web site.
E mail alerts to low/high level are automatically sent, using the GPRS network. Simple to install and operate.

Interfaces directly to the Applied Weighing Range of Weighing Instrumentation using the CAN BUS interface.

  • Cloud based technology with 10 minute updates
  • Displays the current weight and usage rate of each silo/tank
  • Displays the calculated time to low weight (using the usage rate and the pre-set low weight value)
  • 6 configurable analogue inputs, 8 CAN BUS device inputs and an RS232 port.



  • Enhanced Graphical tracking, showing weighing system location.
  • User ability to edit data such as low level / re-order level / urgent level / silo contents name.
  • Level email alerts can be set to send to various addresses including, if you decide; your suppliers.



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