AW190 Intelligent Surface/DIN mount

The AW190 Intelligent load cell junction box is designed to monitor load cell weighing systems for error or fault conditions. In most applications, the intelligent junction box can be used in place of a standard junction box and does not require an external power supply. The bright OLED graphical display shows the millivolt output from each load cell, with the facility to view individual load cell outputs, average load cell outputs and excitation voltage.

Up to 4 load cells can be individually monitored per junction box. Fault conditions are displayed on the front screen and a ‘healthy’ volts free relay contact is available for external connections.


  • Up to 8 separate junction boxes can be connected, enabling up to 32 load cells to be individually monitored.
  • All fault messages are transmitted via the on board CAN bus interface.
  • Easy monitoring of individual load cell conditions to identify a potential problem.
  • No external power supply required, Operates from 5-10vdc excitation or CAN BUS supply.
  • Robust design for harsh industrial applications, sealing rating to IP65.
  • Monitors for Load cell out of range, out of balance and cable break faults.
  • CAN BUS for interfacing to other instrumentation including weight Amplifiers and Indicators in our range.
  • Options for stainless steel enclosure or DIN rail mounting


  • Intelligent Load Cell Junction Box ABS IP65