Flexible systems from Applied Weighing deliver advanced results for Oilfield Services Company

Applied Weighing has provided a flexible weighing system for an Oilfield Services Company that manufactures process equipment for the Oil Industry. Following on from the success of previous work in this sector, Applied Weighing has developed a reputation for its high quality and technically advanced weighing solutions.
Prior to final assembly and shipping its equipment to site, the Oilfield Services Company needed to perform tests at its manufacturing facility in the North of Scotland. The process of oil well drilling involves an interconnection between a variety of complex systems and components. This connection places great emphasis on quality and the need for reliable products, given the impact that a single component failure can have on the entire drilling operation.

Three systems formed part of a material recovery process and each system needed to be weighed and monitored separately, with the live weight data streamed to the Client’s data recording software. Accordingly, the transfer rates through the process could be monitored in real time, allowing for the system to be proven.

Designed for silo, vessel and tank weighing applications, Applied Weighing supplied three sets of their Safemount loading assemblies, all with digital load cells which linked into a computer. The weight on each individual load cell, plus the total weight for each set of load cells was displayed on the computer screen. This data then streamed, with fast updates, to the data logging software.

Each load cell is supplied with a quick-connect weatherproof plug, allowing quick and easy assembly and break down of the systems. The load cells can also be used in various configurations for different applications. In addition, all the cables and junction boxes are rugged, making the system robust for use in industrial environments. The software controlling the load cells can be used on more than one PC or Laptop meaning that parts of the equipment can be used in completely different locations.

Given the financial and environmental risks attached to oil production, a requirement exists at all levels within the oil industry supply chain for products to be used that have been manufactured with both the diligence and attention to detail that has come to be expected from suppliers. This practice has fuelled the development of oil fields in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

By incorporating Applied Weighing’s robust systems into the material recovery process, the Oilfield Services Company is able to deliver value-added solutions that will support the objectives of their clients and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

First established in 1990, Applied Weighing provides a complete range of weighing solutions and systems. These are custom built to meet individual customer requirements. Their range includes platform scales, silo and vessel weighing systems, drum filling systems, high speed weighing systems, telemetry systems and load cells. Applied Weighing products are used in a diverse variety of industry areas including pharmaceutical, food processing, milling and bakeries, aggregates and cement, fuel oils, chemicals and plastics. Their aim is to provide quality products on short delivery times, backed up with comprehensive technical support. Applied Weighing is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is certified for the manufacture of ATEX compliant products.

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