Drum/Cylinder Scale

Purpose designed to weigh horizontal chemical storage Drums/Cylinders. Typically holding Chlorine or Sulphur Dioxide.

Robustly constructed to meet the rigours of frequent industrial use.

Four hard wearing nylon rollers allow a drum to be easily rotated into position and/or connect any pipe work.

Very easy to install and maintain.

Compatible with a wide range of weight indicators/ controllers. These can provide control outputs or alarms to indicate when drum is full/empty or when it needs changing. Other types of output are available such as: 4-20mA, Ethernet, Profi bus, Modbus.

Option for Hazardous Area weighing applications: Zones 1, 21 or 2, 22


  • Capacity: ≤1500kg
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Mild steel with powder coat paint finish
  • Four mild steel / nylon coated rollers
  • 5 year unrivalled warranty


  • 304L stainless steel construction
  • Galvanised construction
  • ATEX Zones 1, 21 or 2,22 hazardous area use
  • Bespoke variations to the standard design
  • Weight indicator support stand
  • Corrosive resistant coating
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