Apollo Portable WIM

The APOLLO PORTABLE WIM® axle weigh pads are suitable for weighing vehicles either in-motion (WIM) at low speeds (5 kph), or statically (axle-by-axle).

Each weigh pad is rated to 15,000 kg giving a massive capacity of 30,000 kg per axle.

On a good quality flat surface, accuracies in the order of ±0.5% for static weighing and ±3% for low speed weigh-in-motion are achieved.

For more information please visit www.vwsltd.co.uk


  • Portable low speed Weigh-In-Motion to ±3% accuracy of gross weigh
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Weigh pads are sealed and protected to IP66, connected to a junction box and data is transmitted to the weigh control console
  • Internal database of your vehicles ensures speedy operation & instant notifi cation of overloads on either an individual axle, gross or permitted train weight. The internal database can report the movement of products by suppliers & customers and stores up to 100,000 transactions in internal memory
  • Weigh each axle to ±0.5% accuracy for statistical and enforcement
  • Print transaction tickets, transmit transactions via the Ethernet interface or export transactions on a USB memory stick to a Laptop or PC
  • Levellers for weighing multi axle trucks
  • Internal rechargable batteries for long operational use
  • Bright, clear display for all lighting conditions
  • Alpha Numeric keypad


30,000 kg per axle


  • Cabled version
  • Wireless version
  • Large display