Weighing and control systems provide cost savings for aqualubrication specialists

Applied Weighing, the UK’s leading manufacturer of load cells and supplier of industrial weighing systems, have undertaken a major installation project for a company specialising in the supply of Aqualubrication technology. Spanning two continents, Applied Weighing were asked to provide loading assemblies and digital weight controllers for the company’s UK and Indian based manufacturing sites.
Prior to the installation, a range of blending vessels at the UK facility were fitted with different pressure sensors that allowed for dosing in components to one of many formulas. However, the measuring technique was proving to be inaccurate, with batches needing to be reworked in order to meet the required specification.

Following an inspection of the steelwork that supported the vessels, it was discovered that the standard of performance required was being compromised by deflections in the steel. Consequently, a new steel framework was introduced; one that offered the necessary support and rigidity that had been previously lacking.
Applied Weighing’s Safemount loading assemblies were subsequently integrated into the new steelwork, enabling the Aqualubrication specialists to reaffirm their commitment towards satisfying the demand for production and quality. The Safemount range of loading assemblies are the industry standard for Silo, Vessel and Tank weighing. Their exceptional durability allows for use within harsh environments, and the ATEX approved Safemount option is also available for hazardous area applications.

In addition to the Safemount loading assemblies, Applied Weighing installed model 920i digital weight controllers on site. The weight controllers flexibility meant that they could be programmed with customised on-screen displays. In this instance, a gross weight display presented the contents within the vessel, whilst a net weight display showed the weight of each component as it was added. In doing so, weight changes were now clearly visible as adjustments were made. The 920i’s ‘Rattletrap’ feature also allowed for the vibration caused by the vessel’s agitator to be digitally filtered out, without any adverse effects occurring regarding the speed of response to changes in weight.

Meanwhile, Applied Weighing were also asked to provide the systems for the weighing and control of the batching of 18 new blending vessels as part of the company’s new blending facility in India. Safemount loading assemblies were again selected for installation and again the 920i was chosen to control the blending process. This time, however, the 920i units were supplied in a wall mount panel, one per blend vessel, with on-board I/O to control the inlet valves, pumps and discharge of the finished batches. Applied Weighing supplied all of the Electrical and Planning diagrams, as well as support for the local Indian Engineers so that the systems could be installed and wired, ready for the Applied Weighing site personnel to commission the systems.

The work in India also involved Applied Weighing supplying their HydralCal force calibration system in order to calibrate the blend vessels once they had been commissioned. The system now forms part of the site’s maintenance equipment and is used by maintenance personnel as they undertake scheduled calibration checks. The advantage of using the HydralCal system is that it can be set up in a relatively short period of time and without the need for the vessel to be taken out of production. Calibration can be performed in a matter of minutes, thereby minimising production downtime and generating significant cost savings over flowmeter and other calibration method alternatives.

First established in 1990, Applied Weighing provides a complete range of weighing solutions and systems. These are custom built to meet individual customer requirements. Their range includes platform scales, silo and vessel weighing systems, drum filling systems, high speed weighing systems, telemetry systems and load cells. Applied Weighing products are used in a diverse variety of industry areas including pharmaceutical, food processing, milling and bakeries, aggregates and cement, fuel oils, chemicals and plastics. Their aim is to provide quality products on short delivery times, backed up with comprehensive technical support. Applied Weighing is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is certified for the manufacture of ATEX compliant products.

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