Applied Weighing load cells bring benefits to consumer products manufacturer

Church and Dwight are internationally renowned for their personal care and household consumer products, with brands such as OxiClean cleaning products and Arm & Hammer toothpaste. Developing winning formulas through years of research and development has elevated Church and Dwight to become a leader in their field, but the continued success of their products relies on maintaining the quality that consumers have come to expect. It is therefore vitally important that the quality of the manufacturing process matches the expectations of the product’s performance.

Site engineer Barnaby Sharp, from Church and Dwight’s UK manufacturing site in Folkestone, contacted Applied Weighing to discuss the integration of load cells on several hopper stations in order to achieve an accurate and reliable weighing of product; crucial for their production operation.


“We had an experience with using Applied Weighing. We consider their load cells to be high class”, says Sharp, who redeveloped an existing hopper system to accommodate Applied Weighing’s “Cleanmount” range of loading assemblies. These were specifically chosen due to both their design and the weighing accuracy that they would achieve.

Sharp continued, “We knew what to expect from Applied Weighing because we have other systems on site that use Applied Weighing load cells and we’ve never had any problems. What I’m also pleased with is the advice that we received from Applied Weighing regarding the installation and integration of the load cells into our new systems. Getting the first system right was important for us. We have managed to do this and have the accuracy that we were hoping for. We will repeat the same arrangement for the other systems.”

Good weighing accuracy has also enhanced the effectiveness of product level monitoring, which helps to prevent issues such as hopper overflow and thereby avoid the problems associated with this. This can reduce the amount of time that operators are required to monitor certain processes, giving them more time to focus on other tasks.

Certainly, retrofitting material handling equipment with weighing instrumentation can yield many operational benefits, and the versatility of Applied Weighing’s loading assemblies makes them well suited to a variety of applications within a variety of key industries. The Cleanmount’s fully stainless-steel finish excels in harsh environments and where a hygienic design that is suitable for full washdown is required. When coupled with Applied Weighing’s intelligent range of weight controllers and instrumentation, as well as its highly regarded support and after sales service network, it’s easy to see why so many businesses choose Applied Weighing.

First established in 1990, Applied Weighing provides a complete range of weighing solutions and systems. These are custom built to meet individual customer requirements. Their range includes platform scales, silo and vessel weighing systems, drum filling systems, high speed weighing systems, telemetry systems and load cells. Applied Weighing products are used in a diverse variety of industry areas including pharmaceutical, food processing, milling and bakeries, aggregates and cement, fuel oils, chemicals and plastics. Their aim is to provide quality products on short delivery times, backed up with comprehensive technical support. Applied Weighing is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is certified for the manufacture of ATEX compliant products.

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