Standardised Weighing Systems for Plastic Piping Manufacturer

One of Europe’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of plastic piping systems, has introduced seven new 920i weigh controllers from Applied Weighing as part of its standardisation of weighing systems at its Doncaster factory. The installation of these systems has enabled the plastic piping manufacturer to deliver on its strategy of securing the brand-leading positions in its UK plastic piping system markets by minimising production costs and delivering both reliability and value.

As Applied Weighing’s Software Engineer Robert Sutton explains, the concept behind the installation was relatively straightforward. “When an empty container enters the production area, it is weighed and labelled in the form of a barcode. The container is then filled to the required level before again being placed onto weighing scales. Using a barcode reader attached to the 920i, the system calculates the actual weight of the product and determines whether this is within the set tolerances.” In doing so, the 920i demonstrates how its powerful features can provide highly accurate manufacturing stock control for the client.

By providing quality products that guarantee accuracy and reliability, Applied Weighing are able to ensure that their client delivers the value to their customers that they have come to expect, whilst minimising its costs of production.

He continues, “Through the use of a traffic light system, the process of determining whether or not the product weight is within a pre-defined tolerance is undertaken. Immediately, the operator is able to see whether more of the product needs to be added or removed from the container. Once the traffic light system signals green, a final label is created and attached to the container. This container is then placed into stock whilst it awaits use on a customer’s order or for further processing.”

Suitable for most weighing applications, the 920i controller delivers a solution for clients who seek to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The vast range of options and features offered by the 920i demonstrates Applied Weighing’s commitment to providing quality products that satisfy even the highest of demands.

First established in 1990, Applied Weighing provides a complete range of weighing solutions and systems. These are custom built to meet individual customer requirements. Their range includes platform scales, silo and vessel weighing systems, drum filling systems, high speed weighing systems, telemetry systems and load cells. Applied Weighing products are used in a diverse variety of industry areas including pharmaceutical, food processing, milling and bakeries, aggregates and cement, fuel oils, chemicals and plastics. Their aim is to provide quality products on short delivery times, backed up with comprehensive technical support. Applied Weighing is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is certified for the manufacture of ATEX compliant products.

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